Prego Favorites

Maternity Clothing:

I recently purchased these items to make my growing 2nd trimester belly a little more comfortable 😉 I purchased my true pre-pregnancy size.  For example, if you normally wear a size small, order the maternity size small.

Non-Maternity Clothing I’m loving during pregnancy:

Oversized-sweaters and loose fitting dresses:


Beauty Favorites:

I use the argan oil on my belly morning and night.  I love that this product is unscented, and completely natural.  It’s a great moisturizer for your face as well; great to put on before bed!  Witch hazel is an awesome pore refiner, it has a slightly funky sent that goes away within a few seconds.  I’ve noticed my face has been more prone to breakouts since becoming pregnant.  I apply this after I was my face, the organic disposable cotton pads are a great way to apply this product 😉

1st Trimester helpers:

I used these Prego Pops to keep my nausea under control during my first trimester.  I also wore these wrist bands 24/7 to help reduce my nausea.  Nothing got rid of it completely, but these helped me get by 😉