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When I was first pregnant I figured I wouldn’t buy any maternity clothes.  I had a major prejudice that all pregnancy clothes were “not cute.”  Slowly I started discovering maternity brands I like, Hatch is one of ’em.  I’ve also learned that some of my favorite non-pregnancy brands also make some pretty awesome maternity clothes, like Monrow.

Hatch is currently having  a sale.  Here are some of my favorite picks from with direct links below the photos….

  1. The Lace Up Body Dress – I have this dress in black and love it (pictured above)!  It also comes in an adorable blue an white striped version.  It’s incredibly soft and the fit isn’t very tight.  It kind of feels like your wearing a light pajama.  You could dress it up or down, and there is plenty of room for belly 😉
  2. The Ponte Tank Dress – I love how Hatch styled this dress with a turtle neck.  This dress also comes in black and would be great for the weekend, or at work with a turtleneck or sweater.  The length is perfect because it hits at the knee, or just a little past the knee.
  3. The Tulip Sleeve Sweater – This sweater comes in three colors (burgundy, yellow and navy) and I can’t decide which one to buy because I like them all!
  4. The Flannel Top – Clearly I love a plaid or flannel top, but this print is especially adorable.  It also comes in a blue and white version.  I’m just a sucker for dark and light contrast, especially when it comes to plaid!

Monrow makes the softest sweatpants!  I shopped this brand prior to becoming pregnant.  Their cotton materials are just heavenly, and the cuts are flattering.  Here are my favorite prego picks from Monrow right now.  You can click on the photos for a direct link to the product.

From the left…. I have a pair of Monrow’s black sweatpants and I wear them around the house all the time.  I think they look nice enough that you could wear them out to the store or a to a casual brunch, but that’s up to you 😉  Secondly, this would be a perfect skirt for work.  If I had an office job I would definitely purchase this skirt.  Having something comfortably hugging your belly is the best feeling when prego, and you could pair this with so many items already in your wardrobe.  Thirdly, this tank is amazing! I have it and wear it around the house currently, when I was still allowed to work out I wore it for that as well. Lastly, another classic black dress.  Make getting dressed easy by having a couple of simple black maternity dresses ready to go in your closet!

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