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Being on bedrest for my pregnancy is giving me a strong case of FOMO (fear of missing out), especially when it comes to swimwear!  Swimsuits are one of my favorite things to buy, and there are so many cute ones coming out for Spring.  I just had to share my favorite picks!  I’m particular about brands and fit when it comes to swimwear because frankly some brands just do it better.  This might mean you’re spending more money, but when it comes to wearing little-to-nothing you’ve got to make sure your sporting the best cut possible that flatters your body.  A new meaning to less is more, maybe buy fewer suits this year but ones you are totally obsessed with!  I find that I hang on to quality swimwear for a very long time, and a cute swimsuit is a great motivator for that extra workout.  This advice falls into the “do as I say, not as I do” category… because let’s be honest I’m banned from exercise and currently in a robe with no makeup, sitting far too close to a semi-full box of See’s scotchmallows, and it’s 1pm 😉

All The Right Places

From left to right… This white scalloped one-piece by Marysia Swim is to die for!  This designer has perfected the scalloped edge suit.  I own a two-piece by this brand and the fabric is incredibly soft and comfy.  The next two suits are by Solid & Striped.  They have so many amazing suits for spring, but I especially loved these two one-pieces.  This little black and white belt is just adorable, and the cut-outs on the third black & white suit are perfect.  You can wear this last one on or off the shoulder.  I love how the off the shoulder look gives it such a vintage appeal.  Click on the pic of the suit to be taken to that particular one, or click on the designers name to see all of the gorgeous suits from their Spring lines (this applies for the rest of the picks below as well).

A Little Bit of Print

From left to right… This first two-piece is by Solid & Striped.  I love the bright sunny yellow stripe to it, and the shape of the top.  The second two-piece is by Mara Hoffman.  I’m obsessed with anything gingham, and gingham is a swimsuit pattern you can really wear year round.  There is also a high-waisted option for these bottoms (not pictured here), but I’m not into this whole “adult-diaper” trend for swimwear.  I don’t care how good looking you are, excessively high-waisted bottoms can be super unflattering… proceed with caution!  Please don’t be offended by this or hurry over to you closet and throw out your high-waisted bottoms, you might be one of the few doing it right (but perhaps run your choices by a few brutally honest friends) 😉

Solid Choice

From left to right… L*Space will forever be one of my favorite swim brands.  I’ve been wearing their suits since high school… that’s a good 15+years of customer satisfaction 😉  Their cuts are super flattering, just check out the back of the first white bikini top, it’s insanely cute.  The second canary yellow suit is such a fun bright color for spring, and I adore the off the shoulder cut.  This one also comes in black or white.  The matching bottoms serve as an example of a high-waisted bottom I do like.  The high-cut on the leg keeps you out of that “adult-diaper” category.  Being 5’5”, I also find that this high-waisted, high-cut bottom makes my legs look longer, which I’ll never find issue with 😉

Here I am in my favorite L*Space suit from last spring that inspired this post (exact suit is no longer available).  Twenty-four weeks prego with Poppy & Lola on the left…. and zero weeks prego on the right 😉 eeeeekkkkk!

Hope you enjoyed my swimwear picks… Happy shopping!









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