Hi Babes!

I love a designer bag, but its fun to incorporate seasonal and more affordable options into the mix.

My personal favorite and one I added to my wardrobe this season is the Black Acrylic Luna Cross Body bag by Cult Gaia (below, left $318).  I’m also in love with this Clara V. bag (below, middle $225).  The third bag by Ellen and James has an adorable discrete pattern on the outside as well as a scarf like lining which adds a pop of color when you open it (below, right $99)!  These three options are cross bodies.  I don’t like worrying about holding my bag when I’m out and about.  Odds of losing your purse are so much lower when it’s a cross body!

Cult Gaia has so many beautiful and iconic handbags you’ve likely seen all over instagram.  The Luna Cross Body, which they came out with recently happens to be my all time favorite of their many designs.  It also comes in a bamboo option (below, left $215).  Perfect for a vacation, but you could really wear it anywhere.  The second bag by Clara V. is a cream mini version of the black one above (below, middle-left $175).  I love the white strap, adding a pop of brightness, a simple and elegant design!  Next up, is this adorable fringe basket by JADEtribe (below, middle-right $165).  Fringe and pom poms make me think of relaxing by a pool in Palm Springs or on the beach in Mexico.  There are so many occasions you could use this bag for and it also has the cutest colorful basketweave design on the inside.  Last up is this adorable Tangier bag with tiny mirror accents attached with shinny seafoam green thread (below, right $121).  Just the cutest for a date night or a casual occasion requiring a small bag.


Here are the deets for the rest of my outfit….

This super cute t-shirt dress is only $33, I sized up due to the mini mellon I’m packing currently 😉



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