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I’ve been using the Enzo Milano hair curling wand religiously for at least five years.  99% of my wavy curl photos on this blog or on instagram are styled by me, using this wand.  One of my best friends, Sarah, introduced me to it years ago and used to style my hair for me when we would get together.  I quickly realized I also needed to master the casual curl myself, and now I’m happy to share my tips with you!

The best part about this post is that I’ve teamed up with Enzo Milano to giveaway a curling wand to one of my blog subscribers.  If you are new to my blog, simply subscribe to be entered.  If you are already subscribed, just comment on this post or direct message me on instagram, and I will enter you in the drawing!!  The winner will be announced on 12/9/17 on instagram and contacted by e-mail.  If you already have a great hair wand, this also makes an excellent gift!  A big thank you to my sister in law Robin for being a hair model in this post 😉

For the best curl I like to start of with freshly washed and blown dry hair.  Part your hair however you want it to fall before you start curling.

I always hold the hot end of the wand facing down at a slight angle.   You want to start by wrapping your hair over the top of the wand.  This creates a curl that waves away from your face.  I start and inch or two away from the head, and leave about an inch uncurled at the bottom.

When you reach the back of your head, start the same process from the opposite side, wrapping your hair over the top of the wand.

If your hair doesn’t hold curl well you can spray each section with hair spray prior to curling it.  I typically wait until I’m done with my entire head before using any hairspray.

To take your curls from tight to loose and wavy just run your fingers through your hair after applying hairspray.

These shots are of our hair after we brushed our fingers through it (above & below).   Totally gorgeous if you ask me 😉

Here are some of my favorite tried and true hair products:

From left to right, I apply this Orbie hair oil when my hair is wet right out of the shower.  It’s very dry in Colorado so this really helps keep my hair soft and shiny.  Secondly, this plumping moose can be applied to the top of your head near the roots before you blow dry to help with volume.  I use this when I’m really feeling fancy.  Thirdly, AirControl is my favorite hairspray of all time!  It has great hold but isn’t tacky/sticky at all.  Next, this texturing spray helps add volume to your curled hair and smells amazing.  Lastly, this dry shampoo is my personal favorite; great for dark hair because it laves zero residue, and perfect for styling your second day curls.

I hope this tutorial was helpful!  Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in the comments section below.





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