Hi Babes!

I’ve been using a variety of GingerChi products over the last couple of months, and am ready to provide you with feedback on their lovely and natural products!

It all started with the Jade Roller.  I kept hearing people talk about it and wanted to experience the hype first hand.  I ordered it online and it arrived at my door a few days later.  When it showed up it was a chilly day in Denver, making the Jade Roller especially cold.  I quickly realized this was a super refreshing way to use the tool, so now I keep it in my fridge!  Keeping it chilled also helps me gauge if I’ve been using the roller for long enough.  I basically roll it on my face until it’s back to room temp.  Its refreshing which makes it fun to do, and frankly reminds you to do it more regularly.  Makeup is wonderful, but natural solutions always have my heart.  I love this tool as a natural option for reducing inflammation and under eye puffiness.

GingerChi’s Complete Anti Aging Therapy System comes with a Jade Roller, a GuaSha massage tool, a muslin cloth (seriously the best thing to use as a wash cloth, I’m converted for life!), and the three products pictured just below…this set is $80 which is amazing for the variety and quality of the products included.

The Purifying Oil Cleanser is great for removing any residual makeup, I used this along with the muslin cloth as a first step in my nightly skincare routine.  I just love the concept of oil cleansers and serums, especially now that I live in Denver.  My skin tends to be super dry if I don’t incorporate an oil serum in my daily routine.  This Regenerating Face Serum is perfect to use after washing your face and right before bed.  You can use the Jade Roller or the Gua Sha tool to massage the product into your face.  It’s quick absorbing and your face automatically feels softer.  I focus on my cheeks, nose, and chin because those are the places I tend to be most dry.  It’s counterintuitive, but using oil on your face does not equal oily skin, it’s actually totally rewarding!

Last but not least, the Hydrating Chi Mist!  This refreshing mist just makes you feel EXTRA.  It’s your TGIF mist, your pre-happy hour mist, your I have dewy model skin mist!

Have a wonderful Friday, Beauties!  Please don’t hesitate to comment with any product questions you may have 😉




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4 thoughts on “Spa Style at Home with GingerChi

  1. Love your review! I have been using a jade roller since this summer – loved using it cold during the hot months, but now that it is cooler I like mine at room temp <3

    xx Kaela