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The more I like my workout outfit the harder I workout! ¬†I’d like to say this is a scientific fact, but maybe it’s just what I tell myself to justify that Lululemon habit ūüėČ ¬†Either way, I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite workout looks including what I wore over the weekend for a hike in Boulder, Colorado.

These shiny Tarkara Leggings by Carbon 38 are a recent favorite of mine. ¬†I’m wearing the black color (below, left); they come in a ton of great shades for fall. ¬†I love these because you could wear them for a workout or for going out. ¬†They would also pair wonderfully with some booties and a chunky sweater, or with a leather jacket, blouse and heels. ¬†They run true to size, and I bet you’re going to want more than one pair! ¬†The Carbon 38 website also offers 15% off to first time buyers, click on your favorite shade to shop them:

I always wear sunscreen and a hat when I’m exercising outdoors. ¬†Any baseball cap will do, but recently I picked up this Adidas hat that has breathable fabric designed for a workout, it’s seriously a game changer when compared to a traditional cotton baseball hats. ¬†Here are a few similar options:


These are the cutest running shoes I’ve ever owned. ¬†Normally I don’t really care what my running shoes look like because I think they are ugly (lol), but these actually have some visual appeal. ¬†I typically own two pairs of running shoes at any given time. ¬†If you run multiple times a week it’s good to rotate them, both for you shoe and your foot. ¬†I wear insoles from RoadRunner Sports that have a very stiff arch because otherwise my knees turn in as I plant my feet. ¬†Check out their store if you aren’t sure what kind of shoe or insole is best for your body.

My outfit in summary:

Favorite Lululemon picks of the moment:

From left to right. ¬†This tie-front top is adorable. ¬†If you choose not to tie, it also looks cute just hanging and doesn’t expose your stomach. ¬†This grey sweatshirt is perfect for fall, I have a similar one I bought years ago that is still a regular go-to item in my closet. ¬†Lululemon has the best sports bras if you don’t want your boobs to move at all, seriously zero movement if you order the right size. ¬†Order your correct bra size and you are good to go. ¬†Last but not least, shorts! ¬†Their shorts are my favorite. ¬†I size up because I prefer a loose fit. ¬†They are lined so no skivvies necessary. ¬†They keep you comfortable on long runs.

Hope you find something cute that fuels your awesome workouts!








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