Half the fun of making a good cocktail is in the tools you use.  So I’m breaking down my recipe as well as the bartender staples that helped me bring it to life!

This recipe was inspired by my Uncle Tommy, the person who taught we how to craft a proper cocktail.  One of our favorite drinks to make together is a lemon drop.  I put a spin on that recipe by adding homemade ginger simple syrup.

The star of this cocktail is the lemon, that is why it’s important to shop for a sweet one.  Meyer lemon season is typically between November & March, so maybe I just got lucky at the store!  The natural sweetness of the Meyer lemon complements this drink in the perfect way.  I try to avoid adding sugar to my cocktails, and if I choose to add some I do so sparingly.  Looking for the natural sweetness in fruits is my preferred method of sweetening a drink.

Tools of the trade:


  • Shaker – This shaker is awesome and adorable! I purchased it from W and P design back when they only offered silver, but here is a link for the rose gold & gold versions because obviously that’s more fun!
  • Juicer – I definitely own 4 different juicers, maybe I should do a separate article on that, lol!   This little baby by Oxo is perfect for the small batch lemons, limes, or grapefruits, drinks for a couple of people.
  • Silicon Ice Sphere Mold by Tovolo  – These ice cube molds are simple to use, and versatile.  I’ve also used them to make OJ ice cubes, great in a margarita!


It’s all about ratios when it comes to cocktails.  The ratio for this recipe requires:

  • 2 parts Titos vodka
  • 2 parts Meyer lemon juice
  • 1 part Cointreau and
  • Ginger simple syrup to taste (I recommend approximately 1 tsp per cocktail)

Here is a photo example of what I’m taking about, fresh lemon juice, Titos Vodka, and Cointreau, in that order.  Please excuse the appearance of the lemon, and consider it’s inner beauty 😉


  • Fresh Meyer Lemons – Not in season currently, but an extra tsp of ginger simple syrup goes a long way if you can’t  find any Meyers.
  • Cointreau – This orange flavored liqueur is my answer to triple sec in all instances!
  • Titos Vodka – I mean it’s gluten free, do your body a favor!  In all seriousness this vodka is relatively inexpensive, and happens to be my personal favorite.
  • Ginger Simple Syrup – This can be easily made at home by brining equal parts of water and sugar to a simmer on your stove.  If you are making 1 cup of Ginger Simple Syrup use 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup sugar, and microplane 1 tbsp of fresh ginger into the mixture.

Add your ingredients to your shaker, shake it like you mean it, and sip on this delightfully sweet and simple cocktail!  Adding a mini umbrella never hurts, and you can get a veritable life time supply for $5!!



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